Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

Laser hair removal is the most effective way to permanently remove unwanted hair.

Unlike waxing, which requires monthly maintenance, laser hair removal treatment ensures that the hair does not grow back after some treatments.

Laser hair removal not only saves you the time and effort of shaving and waxing, but it also provides permanent, flawless results!

In this article, we will be discussing:

What is Laser Hair Removal?

  • How Long Does It Take Laser Hair Removal to Work?
  • When is Laser Hair Removal the Most Effective?
  • How to Ensure Your Treatment Goes Smoothly

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive treatment that helps permanently remove hair from the face and body. Believe it or not, you can get laser hair removal virtually anywhere no matter how supple the skin.

There are countless benefits to laser hair removal treatment, the most obvious being that it fully gets rid of the need to shave or wax again.

Additionally, while undergoing laser hair removal treatment, you can continue to shave between sessions, a luxury that is not awarded to those who choose to wax.

If you get waxed consistently, the hair needs to grow out so the wax has something to grip onto. This often leaves an awkward in-between phase, when the hair is only partially grown out. However, with laser hair removal, you will be encouraged to shave between treatments.

Finally, laser hair removal hurts less than you might think. It tends to hurt less than waxing and threading.

So, “How does laser hair removal work?”

Like skin, hair contains melanin which absorbs radiation from the sun. In the same way, hair absorbs the radiation emitted from a laser.

This tiny beam of light can directly target each hair, sending a pulse to specific hair follicles, destroying the germ cell that is responsible for hair growth.

As this process is repeated over multiple laser hair removal sessions, hair growth is permanently inhibited.

How Long Does It Take Laser Hair Removal to Work?

Laser hair removal takes 8-12 full treatments to be fully effective.

While doing fewer treatments will still provide great results, the more treatments done on a certain area, the more permanent the results.

The key to getting results with laser hair removal is being consistent and attending regularly scheduled appointments. This is the only way to permanently stop hair growth, by zapping the follicle at the right point in the hair growth cycle.

The treatment must be done while the hair is in a growth phase, or you risk allowing the hair to grow back and not being responsive to the treatment.

Therefore, it is necessary to attend multiple treatment sessions, ranging from 8-10 treatments, depending on the type of hair and how it grows. Schedule your appointments in advance to ensure they are spaced out correctly and that you are receiving treatment consistently.

With a treatment session every 10 weeks, the total process takes approximately 6 months.

When is Laser Hair Removal the Most Effective?

The effectiveness of laser hair removal treatment depends on many factors.

The first factor to consider is where the body treatment is being done, as different types of hair grow on different parts of the body. When hair is more fine and soft, laser hair removal tends to be less effective.

On the other hand, where hair is thick and dark, laser hair removal works best.

For example, removing “peach fuzz” from the face or neck can be difficult, while the laser is highly effective on leg hair and underarm hair.

Another factor to consider is skin color. While treatment can be successful on all skin types, it works best on those with lighter skin and darker hair. This is because the laser is absorbed by darker colors.

For example, when a person with dark hair and light skin undergoes treatment, the hair absorbs all of the light, making the treatment more effective.

However, it is important to note that the pigment in the skin does not absorb the light, only the pigment in the hair. Therefore, while the laser is damaging the hair follicle to prevent growth, it is not doing any damage to the skin.

Finally, although there are several at-home laser hair removal products on the market, getting treatment at a clinic is much more effective. At-home treatments can also be harmful if not used as directed.

How to Ensure Your Treatment Goes Smoothly

There are some precautions to take to ensure your treatment goes smoothly.

First, shave before your appointment or you will be asked to shave when you get there. It is best to shave the day before your treatments to prevent the hair above the skin from getting burnt.

Second, avoid hair removal treatments that remove the hair shaft from the follicle, like waxing, as this will remove the part of the hair that absorbs the laser.

Finally, limit your sun exposure, which can cause hyperpigmentation and scarring on the skin. This also means you have to avoid tanning before and after sessions and could be asked to reschedule your appointment once the tan fades.