The best aesthetic med spa services in Los Angeles

“Aesthetic med spa service,” in a broader context, is used in specialized fields related to human skin and appearance. They have expertise in facilitating the appearance of skin through treatment. Traditionally, aesthetic medicine covers dermatology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, cosmetic surgery, and plastic surgery.

Located in Los Angeles, Laureate is the best clinic providing med spa services to patients seeking services to take care of their skin. An aesthetic med spa clinic offers the best skin treatment per your needs, with the best combination of art and science.

We offer you non-surgical options as well as complete surgical options. Our team of skilled dermatologists will develop a comprehensive path to help you achieve your desired outcomes. Every customer is unique and requires different treatment for their different problems.

Besides treatment, we offer you the best consulting as well. Patients from all over the world and different organizations are warmly welcomed here. We offer a wide range of services, and you can avail of them anytime. Just contact us before your visit.

In this article, we will be discussing the following things:

  • Services being offered by Aesthetic Med Spa
  • Why are Aesthetic Med Spa Services best at Laureate?

Services being offered by Aesthetic Med Spa

Every med spa clinic offers different services. Some are conventional, while others are up to date, evolving with the technology. Here, the aesthetic med spa offers the following services with the given specifications:

Laser hair removal

From years back, dermatologists and cosmetologists have developed the methods to use cautious, and precisely tuned laser light. It is used to treat a broad spectrum of skin conditions and imperfections, including unwanted hair.

This technology employs exposure to controlled pulses of laser light to destroy hair follicles. Laser hair removal eases your life and saves you from the exasperation of continuous fighting with your growing hair in unwanted areas.

The amount you spend on laser treatment sessions is much worth wasting a lot of time again and again on shaving, epilating, or applying hair removal creams. A few sessions will leave your skin with no or nearly no hair. As a result, you will get flawless, smooth skin.

This laser treatment can be done on almost all body areas:

  • Full body
  • Underarms
  • Bikini/bikini half
  • Legs/legs half

Laser treatment is not specified to some areas of your body; it can be done anywhere. You can even get this treatment on your eyelids.

Face and scalp treatments
With growing age, the fat layer under our skin diminishes, resulting in loss of volume of the affected body part. Furthermore, sagging occurs in the cheeks, and wrinkles appear clearly around the lips and nose.

Also, prolonged exposure to sunlight or any other skin-damaging lifestyle could leave speckles on your face. At this point, your skin needs a weaving stick to show its magic and leave your skin flawlessly clear.

Regardless of your need to get a plump look, and smooth skin without imperfections or generation of hair growth, we are here with our services.

The following technologies are used by med spa:


Employed to make your face free of wrinkles and folds, remove double chin, and body contouring, cure the signs of facial fat loss, and many more.


These substances do not activate ion channel receptors at firsthand but inflate the excitatory or inhibitory receptor responses with neurotransmitters.

They work so efficiently that in the presence of these substances, differentiation between a transmitter and a modulator becomes difficult.

Lumecca IPL

As the name indicates, this device uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to safely and non-surgically treat marks on the skin and other deformities.

This Lumecca IPL device is the most effective one compared to the other IPL devices present in the market.

Morpheus 8 skin remodeling

Morpheus8 skin remodeling employs micro-needling with radio frequency (RF) to cater to deep partial remodeling of the whole body. This treatment is perfect for the underside of the face (including cheeks) and body parts such as the bra fat rolls and arms.

Go for Morpheus8 micro-needling if your skin is experiencing the following issues:

  • Scars of acne
  • Dull skin
  • Enlarged pores
  • Loose skin
  • Marks of stretching
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

Forma skin remodeling

Forma is a non-intrusive skin procedure that lifts, tightens, and contours your skin by employing heat and high frequencies to uplift facial collagen production. In simpler words, it is ironing your skin by using a heated wand.

Body tightening treatments

In this modern era, our body expresses a lot about us. So, if you are thinking young, you must look young, with clear and flawless skin. We are spending more and more time and money on nutrition, diet, and sports.

A healthy body is the strength and declaration of our values, and that must reflect the perfect image of us, but sometimes all this effort in diet and sports is not enough. We have to treat our bodies well.

If you have lost weight in the past and your skin is loosened or had a baby, or you want to clear out your unwanted fat, there is one solution to this, and that is body contouring. In this process, fat cells are removed non-invasively, giving your body the perfect shape, it deserves.

Why are Aesthetic Med Spa Services best at Laureate?

Here are some features that are specified to Laureate, and you deserve all these:

Treat yourself to the best cosmetic treatments

At Laureate, you are not handed over to untrained staff but experienced medical professionals perform all your treatment. We are here to guide you and answer your queries. Visiting Laureate Aesthetics will give you a complete service experience, and we try our best to make your visit special.

Get a 5-star beauty experience in Los Angeles

We are the only one of our types in non-surgical facial and body treatments such as injectable cosmetics, body tightening and toning and much more. We assure you that we deliver professional laser hair removal services for all areas of the body.


For those seeking non-surgical or minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, the medical spa is the perfect solution. The Medical Spa creates a tranquil atmosphere in a spa-like environment but combines this luxury with clinical medicine.

Med spa services aim to provide a complete solution for health and beauty. For Aesthetic Med Spa services and more information and details about med spa services, contact Laurate.